dragon boat day

           DRAGON BOAT DAY
Friday JULY 5, 2019


 TheDragon Boats, similar to canoe boats with the bow and stern in the shape of a drago n, are driven by 20 athletes to the rhythm punctuated by the tambourine, while the helmsman at the stern of the boat holds the direction with an oar.
The athletes, comfortably seated on wooden benches, cleave water with single-handed paddles.

dragonThe particularity of the boats, stable and fast, and the   ease of paddling technique make this sport suitable for everyone,  even not expert or disabled people. Up to 20 disable people are foreseen to be welcomed for this Service, arriving from Associations of disabled people or preferably from Lions Camp Italia of Verbania, and transported a tour care by bus directly from their residences.
Each athlete will be assigned the officialt-shirt of the event of a particular c olor.
Each team will be characterized by a color and, o
nce gathered, will elect a team leader and willi nclude up to 5 disabled people placed in the boat in between volunteer Leo/Lions, who should take care of them since arrival to Dragon base of Canottieri Olona
The aim is to promote the integration of the disabled by creating a big sport event where the contribution of each component, able and disabled together, will be fundamental for each team and for the race result.

Program of the Day
-8.30 Meeting of the participants in the MiCo where they will go on the Buses waiting (the 40 Leo / Lions Volunteers enrolled in the Service and any accompanying Lions and Lions interested in seeing the Service and who will have to book their presence by June 30, 2019)
-8.45 Bus departure from MiCo
-9.15 Arrival of Leo and Lions participants to the Club Canottieri: subdivision into 4 Teams of 20 people for each Dragon Boat, to which a color will be assigned (10 volunteer Leo/Lions + 5 disabled boys + 5 Leo / Lions of the 108Ib
foto_dragon_boat_lr4 District who have experience).
-9.30-10.00 Short lesson to the 4 teams of Dragon Boat on the use of paddles held by expert instructors of Canottieri Olona. The 40 Leo/Lions volunteer will take care of disable people since their arrival
-10.00-10.30 Heating and water test of the first 2 teams of the 1st qualification heats (teams 1 and 2)
-10.30-10.50 1st Qualification runs between teams 1 and 2. Parallel water-proof test of the other crews of teams 3 and 4-
10.50-11.15 2nd Qualifying Heats between teams 3 and 4
-11.20-11.40 Final for the 3rd and 4th place among the teams losing the Qualification Heats
-11.40-12.00 Final for the 1st and 2nd place among the winners of the Qualification Heats
-12-00-12.30 Awarding of the winners, brief exhibition of the SICS dog-lovers units and refreshments for all the participants and their companions
-12.30 Departure of the buses with the participants for the return to MiCo and with disabled people to their residences.
13.00 Arrival at the MiCo of the participants

NB The leo and lions of District 108Ib4 engaged in the Organization of the day will arrive to Canottieri Olona Center at 7.45 am, together with the dog-loving units of the Italian Rescue Dogs School, to prepare and set up the structure and the boats. Pick-up and transport of disable people at 9.30 to Canottieri Olona will be at care of our Lions Association and Leo District 108Ib4

Programma del Service DRAGON BOAT DAY
- 8.30 Ritrovo dei Lions iscritti al Service DRAGON BOAT al MiCo dove saliranno sul bus in attesa ( 40 Volontari Leo/Lions iscritti al Service + Lions Volontari accompagnatori)
- 8.45 Partenza dei bus dal MiCo.
- 9.30-9.45 Arrivo dei partecipanti all’Idroscalo Club: suddivisione in 4 Teams di 20 persone per ogni Dragon Boat, cui verrà assegnato un colore (10 Lions volontari + 5 ragazzi disabili + 5 Leo/Lions del Distretto 108Ib4 che hanno già esperienza).
- 9.45-10.10 Breve lezione ai 4 teams di Dragon Boat sull’uso delle pagaie tenuta da esperti istruttori dell’Idroscalo Club.
- 10.10-10.30 Riscaldamento e prova in acqua dei primi 2 teams della 1° Manche di qualificazione (teams 1 e 2).
- 10.30-10.50 1° Manche di Qualificazione tra i teams 1 e 2. In parallelo prova di riscaldamento in acqua degli altri equipaggi dei teams 3 e 4.
- 10.50-11.15 2° Manche di Qualificazione tra i teams 3 e 4
- 11.20-11.40 Finale per il 3° e 4° posto tra i teams perdenti le Manches di Qualificazione
- 11.40-12.00 Finale per il 1° e 2° posto tra i vincitori delle Manches di Qualificazione
- 12-00-12.30 Premiazione dei vincitori, breve esibizione delle unità cinofili della SICS e rinfresco per tutti i partecipanti ed i loro accompagnatori
- 12.30 Partenza del bus con i congressisti Lions iscritti al Service per il rientro al MiCo
- 13.15 Rientro al MiCo dei Lions partecipanti iscritti al Service con gli accompagnatori Lions Volontari
NB Tutti coloro che desiderano assistere allo spettacolare spettacolo del Service Dragon Boat alla Darsena di Milano sono i benvenuti. Si consiglia di prendere la Metropolitana M2 (Linea verde) e scendere alla fermata PORTA GENOVA